February 2021 Meeting

Thanks to a grant from Anstey Parish Council, Anstey Local History Society now has the use of Zoom.

This means our monthly meetings are able to re-commence. and by the time this article is published we will have held our first meeting.

Our February Meeting will take place on Wednesday February 17th at 7.15 p.m.

The speaker will be ‘Bis’ Bisgrove from the Swannington Heritage Trust and his talk is entitled

Leicester’s Industrialists – their non-industrial legacy.

 Whose offer of paintings led to the creation of a famous art gallery?
Who was not a very good businessman, yet his legacies are still used by people throughout the country every day?
Which businessman gave the council a gift fit for a queen?

Leicestershire industrialists were involved in coal mines, quarries, iron works, brick making, railways, canals, hosiery and much more.  Yet their legacy is far wider than industrial remnants and history.  Their legacy includes parks, walks through beautiful woodlands, art galleries, churches, charitable giving and people reaching the highest positions in the land.

Bis’s talk will answer these questions and give an insight into the people who helped shape the City of Leicester we know today. 

If you are not on our E mail list and would like to join us, please E mail:      jane.m.cole@btinternet.com to receive a link to the meeting.

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