Corporal Reginald Jinks Black 41468

Soldier Factfile

Name:  Corporal Reginald Jinks Black 41468

Date of Birth:   14.2.1888

Address:  Brookside, Leicester Road, Anstey (Family Home)


Parents Names:  William Black (Shoe Riveter) and Emma

Occupation before the war:  

Siblings Names:  Mabel Anne Elizabeth b 1879  |  Alfred George b 1884  |  Eleanor b 1886


Date Died:   30.3.1918

Age:  29

Place of Death:   Near Arras

Place of Burial/Memorial:  V1 F3, Dusians British Cemetery, Etrun, France

Cause of death:   Killed in Action

Regiment:  2nd Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery



Any other information (e.g. Service Record/ appearance etc)

  • He enlisted 26.9.14 in Canada
  • Next of kin was given as his father, William Black of Anstey, Leicestershire.
  • His certificate of medical examination gave the following details, height 5’ 8”, chest expansion 35”, complexion dark, eyes brown and hair brown
  • His religion was given as Roman Catholic.
  • He had a scar on his left knee and a scar under his jaw on the left side.
  • He was unmarried.
  • He left a will of £190.19s.3d to Emma Black, wife of William (Mother)
  • Known his sister emigrated to Canada and this could be why he enlisted there.

The War Diary entry for the 3rd March 1918 records.

LOOS. At 7.06am on orders from B.M. 1st C.D.A. all the Batteries of the 1st. Canadian Division fired a salvo into CITE ST. AUGUSTE “double joyride”. The Adjutant with Mr CLINTOCK visited the Brigade Farm and found that about five acres of land had been ploughed. Instructions were issued by C.R.A. to the effect that in future each Battery must supply an Officer to man its own O.P. by day, the 7th, 60th, and 5th Batteries retained PICCADILLY, PROFESSOR and PADDINGTON, while the 6th Battery started work on the preparation of a new O.P. at H.32.a.30.30. which will be known as PORTAGE O.P. The 48th Battery started work on an O.P. near the RIDGE VILLAGE LINE, not far from the anti-tank gun position, this O.P. was named PICTOU. At 6.10pm the 60th battery fired 60 rounds on support trench M.26. in retaliation for Trench Mortar strafe. Hostile Artillery less active than usual. A few gas shells were fired into G.36.d. at 2.00pm, and at 5.30pm a heavy bombardment of short duration (about 3 minutes) in H.19. No enemy movement was observed because of the fog. No opportunity targets were engaged, but fire was carried out on “sore” spots, and during the night harassing fire was carried out on suspected movement. Visibility poor, casualties nil.