Private Edward Henry Hughes Cufflin 66812

Soldier Factfile

Name:  Private Edward Henry Hughes Cufflin 66812

Date of Birth:  1899

Address:  Bradgate Road, Anstey

Parents Names:  Alfred (Boot Clicker) and Louisa

Occupation before the war:  

Siblings Names:

Linda Harriet b 1892  |  Dorothy Adelaide b 1898  |  Alfred b1901  |  Mary Louisa b 1905  |

Eileen Hannah b 1908  |  Annie Diana b 1911

Date Died:   18.9.1918

Age:  19

Place of Death:   

Place of Burial/Memorial:  R Iii L 14, St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen

Cause of death:   Died of wounds

Regiment:  12/13 Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers


British War


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