Private George W Harlow 24186

Soldier Factfile

Name:  Private George W Harlow 24186

Date of Birth:  January 1897

Address:  Albion Street, Anstey

Parents Names: 

George Harry (Shoe riveter, Boot & Shoes) and Hannah (Housewife)

Occupation before the war:  Shoe hand Clicker

Siblings Names:

Richard b.1898  |  Eveline b.1901  |  Connie b.1902  |  Lena b.1904  |  Ada b.1906  |

Amy b.1908  |  Emily b.1910  |  Olive b.1911  |  Amy b.1912  |  John b.1913  |  Harry b.1914  |

Fred b. 1915

Date Died:   26.9.1916

Age:  19

Place of Death:   Picardie

Place of Burial/Memorial:

Iv I 16, Heilly Station Cemetery, Mericourt-l’abbe

Cause of death:   Died of wounds


9th Battalion

Leicestershire Regiment


Victory medal

British Medal

Any other information (e.g. Service Record/ appearance etc)

  • Also known as Wilfred George
  • Enlisted 27.3.1916 at Leicester
  • Made a will in August 1916 leaving everything to his mother.
  • Apparently he lied about his age on enlistment, claiming to be a year older than he was. Service record states he was 19 yrs 3 months in March 1916, which would have put his birth in December 1896.