Private Robert Cooke 73989

Soldier Factfile

Name:  Private Robert Cooke 73989

Date of Birth:  1895

Address:  68 Bradgate Road, Anstey

Parents Names:  John Cooke (Boot Riveter) and Eliza

Occupation before the war:  Boot Trade Clicker

Siblings Names:

George A b 1885  |  John W b 1886  |  Annie M b 1888  |  Thomas Henry b 1890  |

Emily b 1899  |  Albert b 1899  |  Lilian b 1903

Date Died:  3.1.1918

Age:  22

Place of Death:   

Place of Burial/Memorial:  I F 28, Hermies Hill British Cemetery

Cause of death:   Killed in Action


Royal Army Medical Corps

Section – 5th Field Ambulance


Any other information (e.g. Service Record/ appearance etc)

  • The Field Ambulance was a mobile front line medical unit (it was not a vehicle), manned by troops of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Most Field Ambulances came under command of a Division, and each had special responsibility for the care of casualties of one of the Brigades of the Division.
  • The theoretical capacity of the Field Ambulance was 150 casualties, but in battle many would need to deal with very much greater numbers.
  • The Field Ambulance was responsible for establishing and operating a number of points along the casualty evacuation chain, from the Bearer Relay Posts which were up to 600 yards behind the Regimental Aid Posts in the front line, taking casualties rearwards through an Advanced Dressing Station (ADS) to the Main Dressing Station (MDS).
  • It also provided a Walking Wounded Collecting Station, as well as various rest areas and local sick rooms.
  • The Field Ambulances would usually establish 1 ADS per Brigade, and 1 MDS for the Division.