Private William Watson 42216

Soldier Factfile

Name:  Private William Watson 42216

Date of Birth:  30.9.1896

Address:   Edward Street, Anstey

Parents Names:

John (Quarryman)


Occupation before the war:  Shoe Hand

Siblings Names:

George b.1879  |  Rachael b1881  |  John b.1882  |  Frances b.1886  |  David b.1888

Sarah b.1890  |  Herbert Eli b.1893  |  Thomas b.1899

Date Died:   31.10.1918

Age:  22

Place of Death:   Arras

Place of Burial/Memorial:  

Vi C 10, Harlebeke New British Cemetery

Cause of death:   Killed in action


1/5 Battalion

King’s Own Scottish Borderers


British War Medal

Victory Medal

Any other information (e.g. Service Record/ appearance etc)

  • Married Alice Elizabeth Wain on 30thJanuary 1915 and had a son, Alfred born 1915.
  • Conscripted in to the army at Leicester in 1916.
  • Firstly in Highland Light Infantry and then transferred to King’s Own Scottish Borders.