A new lease of life for old Kirby and West Milk Float

Thanks to Brian Kibble for sending over this photo of the reconditioned Kirby and West Milk Float at the 2019 Anstey Gala.  The vehicle now sells coffee for The Bridge charity, which “helps people in Leicester on their journey from hopelessness to hope.”

June Meeting: “Leics Framework Knitters”

     Anstey Local History Society Our next meeting will be held on: Wednesday June 19th2019 at 7.00.p.m. in Anstey Community Library Leicestershire’s Framework Knitters Speaker: Jess Jenkins (Leicestershire Records Office) Anstey was a large part of the county’s framework knitters community.  Members: Free                                    Non-members: £2.00  http://www.ansteyhistory.com     Tel:07870197958

Old Anstey Photographs – A. P. Ross Grocers on Cropston Road

We would like to give our thanks to Angela Driver who has given us permission to publish this family photograph of A.P. Ross Grocers on Cropston Road, Anstey.  The family are descendants of the Ross’s Provision Market’s owner and any information that anyone can give us on the date of the photograph, or on the…

Fire at the Nook Yard 1938

Fire at Nook Yard 1938 An article by Sharon Grey and Michael Tedd Loughborough Library Volunteers were told by a visitor to their stand, at the Century of Stories Event Day at Anstey Library on 25th January 2017, a family story about an ancestor,  John Heggs who spoke  about a lady he knew who lived…

Introduction to the Ned Ludd Story of Anstey – by Ian Porter

“It is well documented that Ned Ludd who hailed from Anstey smashed his masters’ frame in a fit of temper. What is not so well known is that frame breaking existed as a tactic to control fraudulent process within the trade…this was long before Ned was born in the mid 18th century. So if frame breaking existed before…