Enquiry Answered: Did the framework knitters use wool from local sheep?

Enquiry: The framework knitters in Anstey – did they make woollen stockings and if so did they use wool from local sheep? When boot and shoe manufacture took over were they using hides from local cattle? (hence Harry Roberts Leather Tannery – when did that come into existence?). If that’s the case, did local farms…

June Meeting: “Leics Framework Knitters”

     Anstey Local History Society Our next meeting will be held on: Wednesday June 19th2019 at 7.00.p.m. in Anstey Community Library Leicestershire’s Framework Knitters Speaker: Jess Jenkins (Leicestershire Records Office) Anstey was a large part of the county’s framework knitters community.  Members: Free                                    Non-members: £2.00  http://www.ansteyhistory.com     Tel:07870197958