Upcoming February 2018 Talk: Ned Ludd, by Ian Porter

This month’s Local History Talk will be by Ian Porter on Anstey’s very own Ned Ludd. Everyone is welcome. Wednesday 21st March, 7pm-9pm. Members: Free Visitors: £2 – includes refreshments. At Anstey Community Library You can read Ian Porter’s introduction to Ned Ludd on our website here: The Ned Ludd Story of Anstey

Introduction to the Ned Ludd Story of Anstey – by Ian Porter

“It is well documented that Ned Ludd who hailed from Anstey smashed his masters’ frame in a fit of temper. What is not so well known is that frame breaking existed as a tactic to control fraudulent process within the trade…this was long before Ned was born in the mid 18th century. So if frame breaking existed before…